When you hit rock-bottom with an addiction,
life seems hopeless, yet in truth it's anything but.
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"Groundbreaking, honest, insightful, and practical. This book is a treasure."

Janet L. Surrey, Ph.D.

author of We Have to Talk and the play, Bill W. and Dr. Bob: The Story of the Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous

"There is a huge audience that needs and deserves this book. Weaving together the teachings and practices offered by the Buddha with the teachings and practices of the 12-Step Program is a brilliant move rendered with utmost integrity and wisdom."

Marcia Rose
founding teacher of The Mountain Hermitage
"An excellent introduction to 12-Step and Buddhist principles, and an insightful synthesis of the two traditions. Anyone seeking to understand recovery from a Buddhist perspective will find it to be a trustworthy and illuminating guide."

Kevin Griffin
author of One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps
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